MIB Implant

Fast Bone Regeneration

Nano Hydrophilic S.L.A Surface Treatment
  • Sand blasted with H.A particles
  • Double acid etched treatment
  • Intermediate treatment for Nano Hydrophilic Surface
  • Early cell response: Faster than S.L.A and R.B.M
  • Early bone healing: Faster than S.L.A and R.B.M
  • Early loading possible after 6 weeks
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CSS Bioshape

Easy to place always Guarantee<br /> excellent initial stability
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Reverse Conical Neck

Prevent bone necrosis and bond loss, A reduced mechanical stress in the crestal alveolar bone area, The Repositioning of gingival papillae on the bone ring
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Variable thread thickness

Optimized vertical and lateral bone condensing
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Innovative Thread Design

Speciallay to Endure Vertical Forces, Easy Insertion, Optimal Surface Area
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Spiral Cutting Edge

Powerfull Self Tapping, Easy Path Change
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Apical Design

Quick Insertion into the Bone, Safe for Anatomic Area
Mib Implant M+ Connection

M+ Connection

Perfect Sealing Sustainable aesthetics Tissue Stability

M+ Conical Connection merges the original tapered implant body with a tight sealed conical connection, offering you and your patients an esthetic solution for all indications.

The implant body mimics the shape of a natural tooth root, ensuring high initial stability for all loading protocols, including Immediate Function

Conical Connection
Compatible with most Conical connection systems
Platform Switching
Bone tissue stability and Soft tissue preservation Creates long-lastig aesthetics
Triple Morse Taper Connection
Prevent screw loosening No gap between abutment and fixture
S-LINE Gingival Height
Natural looking emergence profile Various choices of gingival height 0.7mm, 1.5mm, 3.0mm & 5.0mm
Freedom of 1mm
1mm trimmable margin gives restoration flexibillity


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